Top Ten BJJ Fighters of All Time

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Number Ten-Marcus Almeida

Marcus Almeida, also known as ‘Buchecha’ (or Bochecha), is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Rodrigo Cavaca who is one of the stars of the super and ultra heavyweight divisions of the sport. Before completing his twentieth birthday Buchecha was already revered as the “Next Big Thing” in BJJ, a claim he confirmed with successive podium achievements in the black belt divisions, including a double win (weight and open weight division) at the 2012 , 2013 and 2014 world championship, having become in the process, only the second man to win 3 open weight world championships (the other being Roger Gracie), the first to win 3 in a row.

Number Nine-Marcio Cruz

One of the world’s best ever Super Heavyweights, Marcio Cruz was L’enfant terrible of Jiu Jitsu in the beginning of the XXI century. His antics against some of his rivals were sustainable on the mats where he destroyed many of his opponents making better use of his famous guard and fatal triangle choke.

Number Eight-Bruno Malfacine

Bruno Malfacine is a jiu jitsu black belt under Vinicius Amaral who is widely regarded as the best rooster weight in the history of the sport with 6 world titles at black belt, having surpassed the world championships gold medal record established by Omar Salum in 2000. Malfacine started his career in GFTeam, but moved to Alliance where he became one of the star figures of the academy.

Number Seven-Romulo Barral

One of the most accomplished spider guard players of our times, Romulo Barral has been at the top of the BJJ world ever since he reached his black belt status. A 3 time world silver medal in the open weight division, Romulo’s only big nemesis has been his team mate Roger Gracie.

Number Six-Rubens Charles

Rubens Charles Maciel a grappling magician was the king of the featherweights for 4 years, winning against everyone in his division and his use of the De-La-Riva guard was one of his weapons of choice, he was still active in 2011 and if he continues to compete he might reach higher ground on this list.

Number Five-Marcio Feitosa

Another fierce competitor, Marcio Feitosa was one of the most famous light weights in the history of the sport, reaching sequential podium spots for 7 years in a row at the world championships. Not always the flashier competitor of the tournament, Marcio excelled at strategy and timing which worked perfectly as his record remains as the best amongst the lighter weight competitors.

Number Four-Saulo Ribeiro

Marking the Ribeiro family one of the strongest in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu history, Saulo Ribeiro is the older brother of “Xande” who carved his name on the BJJ world champions list in the 1990’s and was still running strong in the new millennium. Saulo has fought in several different weight divisions, always testing himself against thebest of the best and winning against most. His battles against Roberto Magalhães (Roleta), Nino Schembri, Fabio Gurgel and many others will forever be remembered and so will his competitive spirit and his long lasting career.

Number Three-Andre Galvao

Considered a phenom since his teenage years, Andre Galvao lost a couple of years to dedicate himself to an MMA career; otherwise his score could have been higher. This Tererê black belt was always a believer in keeping a very high competitive pace, often fighting in smaller shows just to keep active for the big tournaments… his hard work paid off often.

Number Two-Marcelo Garcia/ Roger Gracie

One of the most creative grapplers of all time, Marcel Garcia, the Alliance academy prodigy stayed at the the top of arguably the most stacked division in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for years on end; mastering a variety of techniques from arm drags, to his famous guilhotina, north south chokes, X-Guard, and others. Marcelinho has helped shape the landscape of Jiu Jitsu both in kimono and in No Gi.

Some one once said: “there are a lot of great Jiu Jitsu fighters out there, and then there’s Roger”. Roger Gracie made his mark in the sport as the first man to achieve three golden medals at the open weight division, a cool blooded submission artist who became the first grappler to finish all his opponents in the ADCC tournament (weight & absolute). Roger and Xande fought several times with the score being in Rogers favor (5 victories to 3 of Xande’s), however, Ribeiro’s consistence in the sport gave him the upper-hand on the scoreboard. There cannot be an article in the world about “the best at BJJ” where this man is not mentioned. Many have argued that Roger is the best ever, though he does not put his grappling prowess on display as many times as some of his fellow Jiu Jitsu competitors, when he does, the world stays in awe of his accomplishments. He was the first man to conquer 3 open weight divisions in the Mundial, and he was the first man to win both his weight and the weight division of an ADCC (2005) tournament winning every fight by submission.

Number One-Alexandre Ribeiro

Alexandre is known for his cerebral approach to BJJ and competition, a weapon he has used to defeat great names of the sport such as Marcelo Garcia and Roger Gracie. With good stand-up, fantastic pressure when passing the guard, and a guard that was only passed one time in his career, Xande had all the tools, being one of the most complete fighters of our sport.

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