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Top Ten Boxers of All Time

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Number Ten – Manny Pacquiao

The “Pacman” is the only fighter to ever win world championships in seven different weight divisions, an astonishing accomplishment that will likely never be matched. To go from 105 lbs up to 150 lbs and win world titles shows how special this fighter really is. One would hope he and Floyd Mayweather get it on before both men’s careers end to establish who is the greatest fighter of their generation!

Number Nine -Henry Armstrong

A fighter who went through the weights and fought the who’s who of his time. A massive punchers with over 100 knockouts to his name. The only boxer ever to hold three world championships at the same time, holding the featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight world titles for a brief period in 1938. That says it all about the man, a fearless competitor.

Number Eight -Roberto Duran

“The hands of stone” was probably one of the most macho and out in out fighters that ever graced the soil of this planet. Probably the toughest fighter in terms of grit and meanness on this list. A guy who took on all comers and never backed down from anybody. A pure fighting machine.

Number Seven -Sugar Ray Leonard

Ridiculous combinations that would break even the best of defenses. Hand speed, footwork and a warriors heart. Ray Leonard’s boxing skills when on form where breath taking but he also could go into the trenches when he needed it. He fought arguably some of the best competition ever. A fighter who will always be remembered.

Number Six -Rocky Marciano

The only heavyweight champion to ever go undefeated, a record which will take some beating. He fought off both challengers and mob approaches to take dives. An old school fighter, a man of integrity. Perhaps in today’s terms he would of been a middleweight but for his time he fought off some of the most ferocious heavyweights of his time, often giving up a lot of size. A legend of the game.

Number Five -Floyd Mayweather

For pure boxing skills probably deserves to be higher in the list but as he’s still active I think number five currently is fair. Say what you will about Floyd Mayweather but to date he has beaten everyone put in front of him, the majority been the best fighters of his generation. A guy who was simply born to be a boxer and bred into the sport since a baby by his father. A rare talent, a winner.

Number Four -Mike Tyson

In his prime probably the best fighter that ever lived in my opinion. But this list doesn’t just take prime into account, he did come up short on a few big occasions notably to Lewis and Holyfield. However in his prime before he went to jail the scariest puncher of them all, a guy who cut through the heavyweight division like a knife through better. The hardest puncher that ever lived.

Number Three -Joe Louis

One of the toughest human beings to ever walk the Earth. A fearless heavyweight warrior who had a right hand that was indicative of his nickname “The Brown Bomber”. Still holds to record for most defenses of the heavyweight title ever. The best heavyweight ever for me.

Number Two -Muhammad Ali

Always an inclusion when talking about the greatest boxers ever. Probably the fastest big man to ever live, not to mention one of the bravest. Took on the best and beat the best. Outside the ring transcended the sport and without him boxing might not be where it is today, A very special human being.

Number One -Sugar Ray Robinson

For me by far the best ever still to this day. A man who had it all, essentially the ultimate boxer. A guy who could fight on the inside, outside, could box, move, fight, punch and had a good chin. An apex pugilist specialist who had every string to his box, every weapon in his arsenal that a fight could want. He fought more high level opposition than anyone and took on all comers often fighting every week. A credit to the sport and himself. The best ever.

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