Top Ten Muay Thai Fighters of All Time

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Number 10- Rob Kaman

Rob Kaman is a legendary Dutch kickboxer also known as ‘The Dutchman’, ‘Mr. Low Kick’ and ‘Hammerkick’. He is recognized for his devastating leg kicks which earned him much success by knocking out his opponents with that one particular arsenal. He was a 9 time kickboxing and Muay Thai world champion and considered by many as the greatest kickboxer of all time. His record stands at 97 wins 77 by the way of knockout, 12 losses, 1 draw and 2 no contest.

Number 9-John Wayne Parr

John Wayne “The Gunslinger” Parr, also known as JWP, is an Australian middleweight kickboxer and boxer, fighting out of Boonchu Gym in Gold Coast, Queensland. He is a 10-time World Champion and runner up in The Contender Asia.On 26 November 2002, Parr participated K-1 Oceania MAX 2002 tournament. He knocked out Shane Chapman with right cross in the semifinal, but was beaten by Mike Zambidis by Majority decision at the tournament final. In 2004 John Wayne had his first fight for the K-1 organisation in Japan against Duane Ludwig, winning on points. John Wayne made the final 8 with his first fight against Buakaw – after 3 close rounds the judges scored it a draw, forcing an extension round. After the extension round John Wayne lost via split points decision. In 2005 JWP was invited back for K1 eliminations, beating Shane Chopper Chapman by KO. Making the final 8, JWP then fought Albert Kraus, losing on points. JWP also had super fights in the K-1 against Arslan Magomedov, losing after extension and against Kinami, winning on points.

Number 8-Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn

AKA Sky-Piercing Knee Kicker: The most feared fighter ever, his hand to hand skills revolutionized the combat sport. At the age of 19 Deisel Noi won Light Weight title at the  Lumpinee Stadium.

Hardly anyone dared to challenge the champion Deisel Noi fearing severe and painful defeat. He enjoyed 50 (16 KOs in a row using his knees) consecutive wins and finished his career early as the result of his exceptional force. His rapid, power strikes and aggressive style of fighting led to a revolution in Muay Thai that lasted into the 90s. He held on as the Lumpinee stadium Lightweight champion from 1981-1985 until he was eventually stripped from this title and forced to retire because there was nobody in his division left to fight. Some movements regularly used in the ring before the arrival of Deisel Noi he made obsolete through technical innovations. He will always be a person to admire and learn from. 

Number 7-Sakmongkol Sithchuchok

Sakmongkol is a 5 time WMC World Champion and a 3 time Lumpinee Stadium Champion. A legendary Muay Thai fighter considered by many as one of the greatest ever. He defeated fellow legend Ramon Dekkers at the young age of 17 years old and other great fighters such as Danny Bill, Perry Ubeda, John Wayne Parr and Jongsanan Fairtex. His famous battle was his 5th encounter with Jongsanan known as the “Elbow Fight” and is considered as one of the most brutal and best Muay Thai fights of all time. This record stands at 231 wins, 19 losses and 4 draws.

Number 6-Apidej Sit Hirun

340 wins 1 draws 10 losses, known as ‘The Champion of Seven Titles’, best known for his heavy kicks that were some of the best the sport has ever seen. In one fight he broke both of his opponent’s arms with kick strikes. His nickname came from winning an astonishing seven welterweight titles in both Muay Thai and International boxing, a historic record that still stands. He is also known as The Man of 7 Titles and The Legendary Best Muay Thai Kicker of the Century and The Best Muay Thai Fighter of the Century, titles were awarded by the Authority King of Thailand.

Number 5-Saenchai Sor Kingstar

Saenchai is a true legend of the sport who has been dominating competition for the past decade. He is regarded by the mass as the best modern day fighter. As one of the best technical fighters, Saenchai holds a ton of signature moves including is flying front kicks and cart wheel kick. He won the Lumpinee Championship title in four different weight divisions, along with the WMC and WBC World titles, while mostly fighting above his natural weight. Saenchai often gives up 5 lbs. + in weight to find worthy opponents in Thailand and 5-10kg for when he fights foreigners  and has only lost once. Saenchai was also the 1999 and 2008 Thailand Fighter of the Year from Sports Writers. He is the anatomy of the perfect Muay Thai fighter who is fast, agile, powerful, great timing and vision to only mention a few masterful aspects. Saenchai’s record is currently (2014) 273 wins, 51 losses and 2 draws. At 33 years of age, Saenchai shows no sign of slowing down.

Number 4-Coban Lookchaomaesaithongan

Coban Lookchaomaesaitong also known as “The Crusher” won his first World Champion at Lumpinee stadium at the age of 19. His greatest fights were against his biggest rival Ramon Dekker where they met 4 times in which he won 2 and lost 2. The Crusher lived up to his name for his incredible power, his record boast 250 wins with 90 knockouts and 20 lost.

Number 3-Ramon Dekkers

AKA The Diamond was a Dutch kickboxer and 8 times Muay Thai champion. He was an aggressive fighter who had the tendency to go head-to-head and brawl with his opponents which made him a fan favorite. Ramon Dekkers is considered by many to be the best foreigner to ever fight in Thailand. He also came to fame and glory in Thailand where he was honoured by receiving a royal award from the Thai Royal Family for his success to the sport.  His greatest rival was the multiple Lumpinee champion and legend Coban Lookchaomaesaitong which created the biggest feud in Muay Thai history. The two legend graced the fans with 4 matches. Ramon Dekkers Muay Thai record holds at 186 wins, 35 losses and 2 draws.

Number 2-Samart Payakaroon

AKA The Jade Faced Tiger is considered as the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time by Muay Thai fans worldwide, people related him as the Muhammad Ali of Muay Thai.  He started training Mauy Thai at the age of 11 and enjoyed 129 victories from a total of 150 fights in his professional career. Samart’s credentials are a staggering 4 division Lumpinee Stadium Champion, 3 times Thailand fighter of the year and also two time world featherweight boxing champion. He was one of few who had the courage to face the terror of the ring, Deisel Noi. Samart’s was a well rounded fighter and best known for his timing. His style is calm and collective but aggressive when necessary. He had knock out power with all his arsenals. 

Number 1-Buakaw Banchamek

Buakaw Banchamek, previously known as Baukaw Por Pramuk is a former Omnoi Stadium champion and two time, 2004, 2006 K-1 World MAX champion. Buakaw gained his fame and glory from his successful K1 career when he entered the tournament in 2004 and stormed through the ranks displaying his devastating Muay Thai techniques beating kick boxing legends including John Wayne Parr, Takayuki Kohiruimaki and previous champion Masato in the finals . Entering K1 tournament and having much success allowed him to expose Muay Thai globally. He is an ambassador for his national sport. Buakaw is still an active fighter who hasn’t lost a fight since 2009 since his last defeat in K1 by Andy Souwer. His record is 214 wins 55 by knockout, 21 losses and 12 draws.


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